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Prototyping and Parts Fabrication

Rapid Prototyping


MechoTech fabricates parts and assemblies in a short period of time for verification of design and manufacturability thru the following processes:

  • Stereolithography Apparatus  (SLA) 
  • Object 3D Printing System 
  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machined parts 
  • Laser Cutting (Sheet metal & plastics) 
  • Water jet cutting (metal glass)


Production Parts and Assemblies


MechoTech has formed solid relationships with leading mechanical and electronics manufacturing firms domestically and in the Far East. We can provide a complete range of mechanical and electronics quality production parts and assemblies.

  • Injection molding 
  • Machined 
  • Sheet metal 
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) 
  • Cable assemblies


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