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MechoTech has designed and developed numerous patented products with industry leaders such as Broadcom, Honeywell, Western Digital Corp, Xerox, Toshiba, Quartics, RCA, VIZIO and many others.


Our expertise in product development has saved our clients time, money and resources.  We have propelled our clients into commercializing new technologies faster, smarter and more cost-effectively with an extremely high degree of quality.


Our experience and knowledge in providing, 1) mechanical engineering, 2) automation, 3) electronics and hardware engineering, 4) prototyping and parts fabrication, and 5) automation services will streamline your product development cycle and bring your products to market on schedule.


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"Your persistence really paid off. Instead of settling for the first or second proposal, you happily re-tooled the design until we ended up with a truly novel solution that met all of our needs and clearly exceeded our expectations."



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