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MechoTech Designs Innovative Hoof Training Device

May 4, 2011 - Lake Forest, CA - MechoTech, LLC (, a leading engineering, design and product development firm serving the needs of consumer electronics, data storage, medical and electronic devices, and automation and testing companies has contracted with Wes Champagne, Inc. to design, develop and build a prototype and production release of the Hoof Training Device. 


MechoTech, LLC is a full-service product development and engineering firm serving clients throughout California.  The company combines innovation and creativity to generate high level results for its clients.  MechoTech's expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and full service product development enables the company to service some of California's largest technology and medical device companies.  The company provides a full solution from a design, manufacturing and end-user perspective.


Wes Champagne, Inc.'s patented process for manufacturing and shoeing a prosthetic hoof is unique and requires an extremely innovative and creative design to meet the product specifications.  MechoTech's mechanical engineering expertise and experience in using materials to accomplish design goals enables the company to meet deadlines and budgets for its clients.


Moe Sarraf, CEO of MechoTech, LLC states, "We attacked this highly innovative product with the same diligence and creativity that is indicative of all MechoTech projects. We look forward to meeting all of their design and manufacturing needs."


Wes Champagne, CEO of Wes Champagne, Inc. states, "MechoTech's professionalism and deep experience is instrumental in moving this product forward.  Their design expertise is the catalyst for bringing this product to market."


About MechoTech, LLC
Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California serving the consumer electronics, computer and peripherals, data storage, medical devices, automation and testing markets.  The company manages full product development cycles from concept to design and production, including complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources - on time and on budget.  Call MechoTech at (949) 215-7270, or visit for more information.

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