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Founded in 2002, MechoTech is a product development and engineering services company based in southern California.  We have provided product design and development services for over fifty commercialized products from consumer electronics, computer peripherals, instrumentation, medical device and automation products to high volume Asian manufacturing facilities.  We find a better way by using innovation and creativity.

We manage full product development cycles from concept to design and production.  MechoTech provides complete support for all steps in product innovation and process to supplement each client's internal resources on an as needed basis, on time and on budget.

MechoTech increases the return on investment of your products, while protecting your intellectual property.  Our team understands next-generation technologies and the new products and consumer experiences these technologies will provide.




Moe Sarraf, CEO/President, brings over twenty-five years of experience in technology and product development with a wealth of knowledge in product design and development in consumer electronics, computer peripherals, automation products, instrumentation and medical devices.  In addition to his published articles in the field of design and automation he holds several patents in computer peripherals, methods of manufacturing hard disk drives, factory automation and test equipment.  Mr. Sarraf holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC, a BS in Computer Engineering from UC Irvine and a Management Program from Stanford University.  Mr. Sarraf is also on the advisory board of TargetCast Networks in San Ramon, CA.


The team of engineers at MechoTech provides a complete product development service to meet all of you needs.

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"We engaged the services of MechoTech and Mr. Moe Sarraf for a time critical project for Vizio. The quality of service and attention to detail in completing the delivery of the final

product on time is something we specifically appreciated in dealing with Mr. Sarraf."


Director, Systems Architecture


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Call today for a FREE initial consultation at (949) 215-7270, or Contact Us for more information.

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